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Revenge Travel Trends: Navigating the New Era

The resurgence of travel in the post-COVID era, epitomized by “revenge travel trends“, is an enduring movement as revealed in the Visa Global Travel Intentions study. Despite a 4.4% increase in travel costs, this trend shows the robust recovery of the travel sector. This wave of travel is not just a fleeting response but a long-term shift in consumer behavior, reflecting a pent-up demand for exploration and experience.

Revenge Travel Trends
Revenge Travel Trends

U.S. Outbound Travel: Embracing Revenge Travel

American travelers, driven by revenge travel trends, are seeking leisure and adventure, averaging three international trips a year. Gen Z leads in longer stays, indicative of this new travel era. Financially, the average expenditure reflects a shift in spending patterns, aligning with these trends. This spending pattern indicates a more experiential approach to travel, with a focus on quality experiences over quantity. The destinations chosen reflect a mix of traditional favorites and emerging hotspots, underscoring the diverse interests of today’s travelers.

Digital Payments: Revolutionizing Revenge Travel

Pay digital during travelling
Pay digital during travelling

Digital payments have become a cornerstone in revenge travel trends, with a majority of travelers opting for digital wallets. This shift addresses the stress associated with cash, highlighting a trend towards convenience and security in travel finance. The rise of contactless payments and mobile banking options has further facilitated this shift, making international transactions smoother and more reliable. This evolution in payment methods is reshaping the travel industry, offering travelers peace of mind and flexibility.

Sustainable Travel

The preference for sustainable travel options is a significant aspect of revenge travel trends, with a majority seeking eco-friendly alternatives, a reflection of evolving traveler consciousness. This shift towards sustainability is not just about accommodations but also extends to transportation, local tours, and even dining choices. Travelers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and are choosing options that align with their values, signaling a transformative change in the travel industry.

Inbound Travel to the U.S.: Responding to Revenge Travel

Inbound travel to the U.S. shows varied motivations but aligns with the overarching revenge travel trends. Digital and cashless payments are becoming the norm, in response to these evolving travel preferences. The variety of experiences sought by inbound travellers. From natural parks to urban exploration, reflects the broad appeal of the US as a travel destination. The ease of transactions and wide availability of digital payment options in the US further enhances its appeal to international visitors.


Visa’s “Destination You” on social media directly addresses revenge travel trends, highlighting easy and secure digital payment methods for travelers. This approach not only showcases Visa’s offerings but also fosters a new travel planning style, emphasizing digital interaction.

This effort exemplifies how major firms are evolving with travel trends, focusing on ease and safety for customers. For more on Visa’s adaptation to these trends, see their press release. The Visa Global Travel Intentions Study offers a broad perspective on travel and payment habits, emphasizing digital, adaptable, and environmentally conscious travel methods.

Marcel Kuhn