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Welcome to Africa and find out about the best travel ideas.
Let yourself be fascinated by the intense colors!

In many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries you can observe and photograph a wide variety of animals up close and in the wild – even in malaria-free areas. Each region, each national park has its own charm.

By mokoro you glide silently through the semi-permanent channels of the Okavango Delta and let yourself be enchanted by the passing landscape.

Welcome to my travel blog and the top 11 Best Places to Live in Morocco! A good living environment should offer strong economic growth prospects. This will provide opportunities for residents to find good jobs and earn a good income. Personal freedom is also important. Residents should have the freedom to pursue their goals and …

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Welcome to the Best Places to Visit in Gabon. Gabon is a great destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. There are a number of national parks and reserves to explore, including Loango National Park, which is home to gorillas, elephants, and a variety of other wildlife. For those looking for a more active …

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