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Living Colombia vs. Paraguay

If you’re considering a move to South America and are torn between Colombia and Paraguay, this article is here to help you make an informed decision: Thinking about Living Colombia vs. Paraguay as a Foreigner? We’ve analyzed the cost of living, lifestyle, and other factors to provide you with a comprehensive comparison between these two beautiful countries. Let’s dive in!

Comparison of Living: Colombia vs. Paraguay
Comparison of Living: Colombia vs. Paraguay

Discover the vibrant expat lifestyle in Colombia and Paraguay, two fascinating South American destinations that offer unique experiences for those looking for a new adventure. From Colombia’s bustling cities, rich culture and breathtaking landscapes to Paraguay’s charming towns, low cost of living and welcoming community, both countries offer expats a wealth of opportunities to thrive.

Whether you’re drawn to Colombia’s diverse lifestyle or Paraguay’s laid-back environment, each country promises a life-changing expatriate journey filled with unforgettable memories and connections. Make your move today and embrace the exciting expat life in Colombia or Paraguay.

Cost of Living

Colombia Proves to be More Affordable:

Contrary to what you may have assumed, the overall cost of living in Colombia is 11% cheaper than in Paraguay. Although some aspects, such as food and transportation, are slightly more expensive in Colombia, other essential factors are significantly more affordable. Let’s break it down:

Food: A Small Price Difference

Food - A Small Price Difference - Living Paraguay vs. Colombia
Food – A Small Price Difference – Living Paraguay vs. Colombia

When it comes to food costs, Colombia is just 5% more expensive than Paraguay. Both countries boast diverse and delicious cuisines, so it’s essential to weigh the minor price difference against other factors like personal preferences and dietary needs.

Colombian dishes include arepas, bandeja paisa, and sancocho, while Paraguayan cuisine features chipa, sopa paraguaya, and mbeju. Both countries have abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, thanks to Colombia’s tropical climate and Paraguay’s fertile soil.

Dining out in both nations suits different budgets, with street food, casual spots, and upscale restaurants for locals and expats to savor each country’s culinary wonders.

Housing: Save Money in Colombia

Asunción, Paraguay
Asunción, Paraguay

Housing in Colombia is a definite win, as it’s 9% cheaper than in Paraguay. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, you’ll find a more extensive range of affordable options in Colombia. This cost difference can add up and make a significant impact on your monthly budget.

Colombia’s property market is also more mature and offers a greater variety of housing styles to suit different tastes and preferences. In addition, the country’s well-developed infrastructure ensures that most neighbourhoods have easy access to essential services such as healthcare, transportation and education.

Medellín, Colombia
Medellín, Colombia

Finally, Colombia’s vibrant culture and colourful architecture add a unique charm to its residential areas. So it is certainly an attractive choice for those seeking a rich and varied living experience.

Clothes: A Clear Advantage in Colombia

Clothes - Colombia vs. Paraguay
Clothes – Colombia vs. Paraguay

Colombia offers a massive 27% discount on clothing compared to Paraguay. This price difference can be a game-changer for those who prioritize fashion or need to update their wardrobe regularly. With Colombia’s burgeoning fashion scene, you’ll find a diverse selection of stylish and affordable options.

Colombia is also home to many renowned designers and fashion events, such as Colombiamoda and Bogotá Fashion Week, which offer exclusive access to the latest trends and designs. In contrast, Paraguay’s fashion industry is still developing, making it more difficult to find cutting-edge styles or unique pieces.

In addition, Colombia’s more temperate climate allows for a greater variety of clothing options. This is in contrast to Paraguay’s subtropical climate, which can limit the types of clothing suitable for everyday use.

Transportation: A Minimal Difference

Transportation: A Minimal Difference
Transportation: A Minimal Difference

Another area where Colombia offers a significant saving is transportation, which is 28% cheaper than Paraguay. Whether you use public transport, taxis, or your own car, you’ll find that getting around Colombia is more affordable and convenient. You can also save on gas prices, which are 36% lower in Colombia.

Roughly speaking, transport costs in Colombia are 5% higher than in Paraguay. However, this slight increase shouldn’t put you off, as both countries have reliable and efficient public transport systems. Depending on your location, you may also find that walking or cycling is a viable option for getting around.

In terms of infrastructure, Colombia’s larger cities, such as Bogotá and Medellín, have modern and extensive metro and bus systems, while Paraguay’s capital, Asunción, is served primarily by an extensive bus network. In addition, Colombia’s domestic flights are more frequent and accessible. This makes it easier to travel within the country, while Paraguay’s smaller size and less developed air infrastructure make domestic flights less common.

It’s important to note that while Colombia has a more extensive road network, Paraguay’s flatter terrain can make for a more straightforward driving experience, especially for those not used to navigating mountainous regions.

Personal Care: Save on Self-Care in Colombia

Personal Care - Living Colombia vs. Paraguay
Personal Care – Living Colombia vs. Paraguay

Colombia’s personal care expenses are 8% lower than those in Paraguay. This category includes items like toiletries, cosmetics, and healthcare products. In Colombia, you’ll be able to maintain your self-care routine without breaking the bank. Colombia also has a thriving cosmetics and personal care industry that offers a variety of products for different needs and preferences.

Colombia offers local, international, natural, and organic brands. The country’s beauty industry thrives with quality, affordable products. Euromonitor predicts a 4.5% annual growth from 2021-2026 due to innovation, digitalization, and responsibility.

Expats and locals save on essentials, affordable spa treatments, and beauty services. Colombia’s healthcare system offers inexpensive medicines and supplements, contributing to lower personal care costs than in Paraguay.

A Huge Saving in Colombia

Iguazu Falls, Paraguay
Iguazu Falls, Paraguay

The entertainment sector is where Colombia truly shines, as it’s a whopping 45% cheaper than Paraguay. This cost difference means you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy local attractions, events, and nightlife without overspending. With Colombia’s rich cultural scene, you’ll never be short of ways to have fun.

In addition to its thriving entertainment scene, Colombia offers a more diverse culinary experience than Paraguay. Expect to find regional and international cuisine. This not only adds to the overall appeal of living in Colombia. But also contributes to a more exciting dining experience.

Colombia’s vibrant art and music scenes are deeply rooted in the country’s rich history and traditions. The country offers both residents and visitors an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in unique cultural experiences that cannot be found in Paraguay.

Conclusion: Living Colombia vs. Paraguay

Make the Right Choice for Your Lifestyle!

In conclusion, Colombia offers a more affordable living experience than Paraguay, with significant savings in housing, clothing, personal care, and entertainment. While food and transportation costs are slightly higher, the overall cost of living is still 11% lower in Colombia.

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PROS & CONS of Living in Colombia 🇨🇴 (as a Foreigner)

Consider your personal preferences, needs, and lifestyle when making your decision. Both countries offer unique experiences and rich cultures, but if saving money is a priority, Colombia may be the better option for you.

It’s also important to consider quality of life factors such as access to healthcare, education and safety. While both countries have their own strengths and weaknesses in these areas, you should prioritise the aspects that are most important to you and your family.

In addition, Colombia has a higher quality of life index than Paraguay, with better scores for health care, safety and climate. Colombia also offers more diversity in terms of geography, culture and attractions. It is 2.8 times larger than Paraguay and has access to both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. However, Paraguay may appeal to those who prefer a more rural and relaxed lifestyle. And it has less population density, traffic and pollution than Colombia.

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